This section lists the roles that castellum ships by default. Administrators can customize these roles for their organization.

Study specific roles, in contrast to global ones, only take effect in the context of a study. They can be assigned in Member Management by the Study Coordinator.

Global roles

Principal Subject Manager

The Principal Subject Manager enters data records of subjects in Castellum and makes changes to existing ones.

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Study Coordinator

The study coordination is embodied by the Study Coordinator. This person inserts studies into the database and defines the settings for them.

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Study Approver

Study Coordinators by default cannot start their own studies. Instead, they have to ask a Study Approver to review and start the study.

If you want to be less strict about this, you can either modify the Study Coordinator role or make all Study Coordinators also Study Approvers.

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Data Protection Coordinator

The group of people responsible for data protection should take on the role of Data Protection Coordinator. Castellum supports these users by providing a data protection dashboard that collects all relevant information in a single place.

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We propose to fill the roles of Receptionists with people who need a continuous overview of the ongoing study programme and the respective deadlines in their daily business. In order to achieve this, these persons can search specifically for names of subjects to be registered in Castellum. In this way it is easy to find out for which study a particular subject is registered and when they have to be sent to which room.

Study specific roles


Persons responsible for invitations to studies and the management of appointments should take on the role of Recruiters in Castellum. For this purpose, the Recruiter can view the contact details of individual subjects to establish communication with them. The study co-ordination office will define a recruitment text and criteria to be clarified in advance, which the recruiters should use when recruiting the respondent. To be able to add study participations, Castellum provides a calendar which enables consistent appointment bookings.

If persons take on the role of Recruiter and additionally Subject Manager, they can simultaneously ensure data maintenance in Castellum when contacting subjects for recruitment purposes. For this purpose, characteristics and contact details of subjects are continuously updated and supplemented.

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  • make appointments

Study Conductor

We envisage this role for employees from the study programme who collect scientific data in a study with or on subjects. In order to implement this with the help of Castellum, the Study Conductor can view the participation pseudonyms of the respective subjects in the database.

If a subject is participating in a study for the first time, the Study Conductor can obtain both the study consent and the recruitment consent on site.

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  • attribute download

  • make appointments

Subject Manager

Recruiters or Study Conductors may be given this role so they can update subject data as part of their usual worflows.

This role is different from Principal Subject Manager in that it is limited to subjects that participate in the respective study.

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