Search for a subject

  1. Click on Subjects on the front page

  2. Enter the first name and surname, the email address, or the phone number

    • The second first name can be specified, but does not have to be

    • Keep the order as indicated

    • No comma needed

  3. Confirm by clicking Submit

  4. Under the Matches tab all matching subjects or their guardians are listed

    • Next to their name the date of birth is listed and, if provided, also their email address

    • If either parts of their name or their email address are matched exactly by your search terms, this part is highlighted in yellow

    • Details will take you to the subject overview page

    • If a subject has any study participations, they are listed below in this order: name of the study, the name of the responsible contact person and the participation status. The buttons Recruitment and Execution (if the study is still in execution) lead to recruitment and execution for this study. Note that whether you can see study participations is dependent on your permissions

  5. If there is a Match found, confirm that this is the correct person by asking for a second feature (e.g. date of birth).


    Only ask for a second feature, do not disclose any information yourself. This is to avoid leaking personal information to imposters.

Create a subject

You have a person on the phone or their contact information and other important attributes are available. This person is interested in participating in studies at the MPIB.

The information you need to create the subject in the database should include at least the following:

  • First name and Last name,

  • Gender,

  • Date of birth

  • Information on whether the person is Full of age or has legal guardian, If the subject has a legal guardian, you will need to Add guardian (see instruction 8.b.)

  • E-mail address and/or Phone number and/or full postal address and/or contacting details of the legal guardian,

  • Handedness,

  • Language (Mother tongue) and

  • Highest degree (in educational manner)

You can either ask for this information during a telephone call or you can transfer it from another source.

In order to create a potential subject in Castellum, please proceed as follows:

  1. Search for a subject

    1. If there is a Match found, the subject is already created in the database. You may edit or add information by clicking on Details next to the subject

    2. If No matches can be found, click on Create. If you notice that you made a spelling mistake with the names, please do not go back and create the person again, but change the name in the following process

  2. Define the Privacy level

    • 0 (regular) describes an adult person without extraordinary features

    • 1 (increased) indicates children or adults with a legal guardian

    • 2 (high) presents a famous personality and/or their children

  3. Click on Create new subject

The subject has now been created, but there is much more information you can enter in the different tabs:

  • Overview

    In this tab, different legal basis for consent can be found. You can add the consent that applies:

    • Recruitment consent

    • Study consent

    • Guardianship

  • Contact

    • Optionally you can enter the Title here

    • You can edit the First name and Last name

    • Define the Gender of the person

    • Fill in the Date of birth

    1. If the person is of an adult age, select Full of age and continue with the following steps:

      • Define at least one of the following contact details: Email, Phone number and/or Postal address

      • You may want to add Additional information, such as c/o details

      • Specify the Preferred contact method

    2. If the person is not of an adult age or has a guardian for example due to a disability or illness, select Has legal guardian > Add guardian

      • A new window will open

      • Fill in the first and last name of the subject’s legal guardian > Submit

      • If a Match is found, select it

      • If No matches found applies, click Create > Enter necessary information in the fields provided > Create new subject


      The legal guardian is now added. You can also create several guardians. By clicking on Remove next to the guardian’s name, you can delete them as the guardian of the subject

    3. Click on Save

  • Attributes

    • Fill in the First Language, Highest educational degree, Handedness, if the subject Has hearing aid?, Date of birth and Sex

    • If the person Does not want to participate in the following study types, select one or more

    • Click on Save

  • Data protection

    • redefine the Privacy level,

    • indicate whether the subject has consented to the recruitment,

    • initiate an Export request and

    • specify whether the subject is To be deleted

  • Additional Info

    • define the Availability of the subject


      Example: The person can be reached by phone between 9 and 11 a.m. on tuesdays.

      • Click on 9 under Tuesday,

      • Hold the Shift-button and

      • Click on 11 under Tuesday


      Example: The person is abroad for 6 months.

      • Select Not available until today in 6 months

    • define which Data source the data comes from

  • Study Participations

    • Lists the study participations of this subject

    • By clicking on Add to study, a list of current studies is displayed. You can add the subject to one or more of these studies

    • Add to finished study can be useful when you are manually migrating subjects from an old system.


      The list of finished studies can be quite long. Hold the CTRL key on your keyboard while pressing F to open the search function of the browser.

Mark a subject for deletion

To delete all data related to the subject, please proceed as follows:

  1. Click on Subjects on the front page

  2. Enter the first name and surname of the subject to be deleted into the search field and click on Submit

  3. Click on Details and then go to the Data protection tab

  4. Select the checkbox To be deleted

  5. Click on Save

The subject is now cleared for deletion from the database and deletion of their associated data. The data protection coordinator will take care of final deletion

Delete a subject

You may want personal data and subjects to be completely deleted because of an explicit request from the subject or simply because there no longer is a sufficient legal basis to keep the data.

In order to delete the externally and internally stored data of a subject, please proceed as follows:

  1. In the subject details, go to the Delete tab

  2. If you see a message saying This subject cannot be deleted because there still is data about them in studies., proceed as follows:

    • Contact the responsible person for each study and ask them to delete all collected data of the subject concerned. Identify the subject using the study pseudonym that is displayed.

    • Once the responsible contact person has conformed the deletion of all data, delete the participation record using the Delete button.

  3. Once all participation have been deleted you will see a message saying Are you sure you want to permanently delete this subject and all related data? You can now click Confirm and the subject will be deleted.


There may still be data stored in a backup. Please check with your local IT department to verify proper deletion.


Deleting a subject who has guardians will not automatically delete the corresponding guardians. If there is no other reason to keep the guardians in castellum, they will appear in the data protection dashboard. It then is the data protection coordinator’s job to delete their data.