Create a study

  1. Click on Studies on the front page

    • By selecting Mine in Membership, you will see studies you created. Under the field All you can see all studies that have been created.

    • In the field Search you can look for a certain study

    • By choosing a Status and / or a Study Type, you may also filter studies

  2. Click on Create new study

  3. Fill in all required fields on the page:

    • Name describes the title of the study you want to create

    • Responsible contact person is the person who can be contacted if any questions regarding the study occur

    • Principal Investigator is the lead researcher

    • Phone number and E-mail-address are the contact information at which the contact person can be reached

  4. Fill in any additional information (you can still do that later)

  5. Click on Save to record your progress

Now you can find your study in the list

Set up sessions

In the Sessions tab, you can enter as many test sessions as you like.

  • Define Session instructions,

  • Start of test sessions,

  • End of test sessions and

  • Click on Add session

  • When adding a test session, always give the session a Name and specify the Duration of a session in minutes

  • Select the Type of the session and press Add session

  • By clicking on the Delete button, you can delete any test session you created

  • Click on Update to go to Session details. If your institute uses the external scheduler to schedule appointments, you can enable it here (see this guide: Set up an external scheduler for appointments)

Set up the recruitment process

In order to limit the search for subjects in Castellum,

  • filters,

  • excluded studies as well as

  • inclusion and exclusion criteria should be defined.

  1. Go to Studies on the front page, click Details next to the study you wish to set up filters and criteria for

    If you have already started the study, click on Stop on the upper left. If you did not start it yet, you will be able to edit filters and criteria right away.

  2. Go to the Recruitment Settings tab

  3. By clicking on General the Recruitment text will be shown to you. You can:

    • edit the Recruitment text (this text will be shown to recruiters and will be used by them to recruit subjects for your study),

    • decide whether you wish to set up the Advanced filtering (this allows you to create multiple filtergroups that are not linked to each other),

    • set the function Exclusive subjects (If you select this feature, potential subjects for your study cannot be recruited for other studies. Please note that this may prevent other researchers from finding enough participants.) and

    • decide whether Complete filter matches only will be shown to the recruiters of your study or if there will be some subjects displayed, in which certain characteristics still have to be queried

  4. By clicking on Filter you are able to set filter criteria

    • select whether you want to create a filter regarding the First language, Highest educational degree, Handedness, Has hearing aid?, Age or Sex

    • click Add,

    • define the filter and

    • click Apply

    You may set as many filters as you like. If you wish to create more than one filter group, proceed as follows:

    • click on General,

    • select Advanced filtering and

    • click on Save

    When you click on Add new in Filters, you are able to set another filter group with specific filters


    This is necessary, for example, if you need subjects both at the age between 20-30 and 50-60.

  5. In Excluded studies you can select certain studies in which your subjects must not have participated

  6. When you click on Inclusion/exclusion criteria, you can add Additional subject characteristics that should be verified during the recruitment


    If it is a MRI-study, the criteria are pre-set for checking during recruitment

  7. If recruitment is to take place by e-mail, proceed as follows:

    • click on Mail Settings

    • define an E-mail subject

    • add an E-mail body


    It is not intended to send attachments in the first e-mail via Castellum. Instead, links can be inserted.

Manage study members

If you want to give access to a person (e.g. a recruiter) for your study, please follow the steps below.

  1. Click on Studies on the front page

  2. Click on Details of the study for which you want to change access rights or role redistribution

  3. Go to the Member management tab

  4. If you click on the field under User, you will be shown all possible users to whom you can assign roles

  5. Select the user who is supposed to take over the recruitment

  6. Click on Add

  7. Click Manage groups next to the person you have chosen

  8. Select the appropriate roles and click Save


    Some features (e.g. recruitment) only become available once the study is started.

Start and stop a study

After a study has been created it is still in a draft state. Only Study Approvers have the permission to start recruitment. Depending on your organization, there may be different organziational steps such as a review associated with that.

In order to start or stop a study, a Study Approver needs to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Studies on the front page, click Details next to the study you wish to start/stop.

  2. You can find the button Start in the left upper corner under the study name. By clicking on Start you initiate the recruiting process

Finish a study

  1. Go to Studies on the front page, click Details next to the study you wish to start/stop.

  2. You can find the button Finish study in the left upper corner under the study name.


All information related to potential subjects that were not invited to the study will be deleted when the study is finished. If you finish and then resume a study, it is possible that subjects that were already found to be unsuitable are proposed again.

Delete a study

When a study should be deleted depends on the rules of your specific organization. We assume that it makes sense to delete all study data after few years, effecitvely anonymizing the research data.

Once you delete a study from Castellum it is no longer possible to answer to export or delete requests from subjects. Make sure that all relevant external has been deleted before you delete a study from Castellum. Then proceed as follows:

  1. Go to Studies on the front page

  2. Choose the study you want to delete by clicking on Details next to it

  3. Make sure the study is finished (see Finish a study)

  4. Click on Delete under the study name

    • Confirm the notice I have made sure that all external data related to this study has been destroyed

    • Click on Confirm