Data protection: workflows

Use the data protection dashboard

Click on Data protection on the front page to go to the data protection dashboard. This dashboard lists tasks you need to take care of by initiating follow-up steps for each category.

  • A subject is tagged Export requested if they requested a GDPR export. See Export all data related to a subject for the necessary steps.

  • A subject is tagged To be deleted, No legal basis, or Unreachable if they should be deleted for different reasons. See Delete a subject for the necessary steps.

  • A subject is tagged Unnecessary recruitment data if they have recruitment data, but no recruitment consent. See Clear unnecessary recruitment data for the necessary steps.

In all those categories it usually makes sense to contact the subjects before taking any action. For example, subjects often want only a part of their data deleted.

Most of the categories have legal time limits, so you should check the dashboard regularly.


It is recommended to configure an email address that should receive email notifications about new data protection tasks. Please ask your system administrator to setup CASTELLUM_GDPR_NOTIFICATION_TO.