Subscribe to Castellum calendars

Find the available calendar feeds

To access the calendar feeds overview page, add “/feeds/” to the URL of the castellum start page.

  1. Under “Per User” find user-specific feeds:

    • “all follow-ups” lists, in a single calendar, all follow-ups from all studies where you are a member.

    • “all appointments” shows, in a single calendar, all appointments from all studies where you are a member.

  2. Under “Per Study”, find all appointments for each study where you are a member.

  3. Under “Per Resource” find all occupied slots for all resources.

    • The list of resources is configurable by your institution


    • link to resources guide


The MPI for Human Development uses a two-step process for booking appointments of shared resources:

  1. A resource committee allocates time slots fairly across upcoming studies (in a dedicated room booking system outside of Castellum).

  2. Study recruiters are allowed to assign appointments within these time slots (in Castellum).

In order to check availability of a resource it is sufficient to subscribe to the “Per Resource” feed. However, to check whether it is possible to swap open slots with other studies users have to match this feed information with the external calendar view of the room booking system.

Reset user tokens

Each calendar feed URL contains a token that uniquely identifies you so you can access feeds that would not be available to other users.

If another person gains access to that token they can consequently access confidential information from castellum. So in that case the token needs to be reset.

An administrator can delete the token in the admin UI. A new one will be generated automatically.

Privacy and cloud based calendars

Castellum is usually running behind a firewall, so cloud based calendar services (e.g. Google Calendar) do not have access to these calendar feeds.